Daniel Corkery Summer School and New Piece

A new choral piece will be workshopped and performed by ‘Ex Ore Equi’ at the Daniel Corkery Summer School in Inchigeelagh, Cork. The theme of the concert is Irish soldiers in World War I, and the text for the work comes from Francis Ledwidge’s poem ‘Ireland’. Ledwidge was an Irish poet who served during the Great War and died at the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917.

The piece, ‘Inis Ealga’ will receive its premiere on 24th July at 8pm in St Finbarre’s Church, Inchigeelagh. More information on the concert and summer school is available here.

Ex Ore Equi, a UK-based choir, are led by Tom Shorter of Shorter House . The piece will subsequently be published in Shorter House’s catalogue of new choral works.

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